Wednesday, 20 August 2014

My Best Friend

This evening, I took a nap.

It's been one of these days, after two near-sleepless nights, that the moment I lay my head on the pillow, I felt at home. I slept for roughly three hours. 

But the best part was waking up with my Emma, the most caring and adoring dog. After her walk and play time with local dogs, she ran straight to my bed post before running back to the kitchen for dinner. 

She then came straight back to bed and rested next to me while I slept. When I finally returned to consciousness, she rejoiced with such warmth and kindness that only someone so pure-hearted could give. To give back I took her for an evening walk in the drizzle, something she so enjoys.

A dog's love is pure and not held back by boundaries. When a dog wants something, you know. When a dog needs something, you know. But what a dog deserves the most is love and affection, to have that love reciprocated.  

The one thing to remember is that for Emma I am her whole life, my hubby, my dad, all the people that love her. She too has dog friends that she meets on regular basis, and her best friends lives on the top floor of our apartment building. Dogs are capable of great tenderness.

Having an animal, in my case my Emma, is truly the most rewarding experience of my life.

It not only brings me closer to my community but to nature, to the animal world that is so distant to human territories. I am a better person for knowing Emma.

Emma in her usual resting place. Photo by JB.

Emma and her dear friend Freyja. Photo by JB.